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Remote Starters

A remote starter allows you to start your vehicle using a key fob remote control without going outside.  Some can even be programmed to your existing vehicle remote. Upon entering your vehicle it’s the perfect climate with a warmed-up engine, ready to drive in comfort.  Your vehicle stays secure until you unlock it yourself and a key is still required in order to operate the car, both safeguards against theft.


Compatible with all types of vehicles

-Push to start(Smart Key)



Remote Start

2014 Dodge Durango

Push Start Ignition w/Smart Key

Viper 5806v 2-Way Alarm/Remote Starter

Security Systems

Alarms provide peace of mind that your vehicle is well protected at all times.  They offer 360 degrees of protection.  Basic systems include doors, trunk and hood sensors while more advanced systems include tilt, proximity and vibration sensors.  Additionally, 2-way systems offer live status updates of your vehicle - if a sensor is triggered, your remote will alert you.  Not to mention the insurance discount having an alarm gives you.


Smartphone control of your system also available.

Always be connected to your car when normal remotes are out of range.  Be alerted of any security breaches, anywhere you get cell phone coverage.

Security Systems

2003 BMW Z3 Roadster

Audio/Video Systems

At DTS we provide services to fulfill all of your car audio/video needs.  Whether you just need a new radio, blown speaker replacement, or a complete audio system overhaul, DTS has you covered.  We also do smartphone integration, amplifiers, and navigation systems. Feel free to contact us with any questions on services not listed here. With our excellent diagnostics skills, we can provide a solution to fit anyone’s budget.   

Audio Video




VW Jetta 2000

Custom Trunk System

Dual Subwoofers

LED Accent Lighting

Plexiglass Crossover Display

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